Thursday, August 8, 2013

Adventure is out there!

I celebrated the second to last day of summer with a date to the mountains and it was by far the best date I've been on! We drove and drove for 2 hours to get to the most beautiful place I've ever seen! We hiked to a waterfall stood underneath it then made our way to the very top of the mountain! I'm so grateful for such amazing friends.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

CAUTION: this post is Radioactive

Had the best time with all my friends at the Imagine Dragons concert! They were amazing live and they put on such a wonderful performance! At one point during the song Radioactive the lead singer Dan Reynolds was strapped into these wires and got lifted up over the audience! After that they threw out huge balloons that when popped would release confetti over the audience. Overall it was a blast and a great way to start the summer off right!

Friday, March 22, 2013

My love for Arizona in a series of pictures.

Last week we had spring break and Estee and Jeremy came and hung out with us over the weekend! It was a short visit but I love every chance I get with them. 
These cactus pictures were taken at a resort we went swimming at one day while they were here and they make me love Arizona that much more. I am overjoyed that the sun has decided to come back out and for the fact that my skin will no longer be white! I'm so ready to pull out the sunscreen and spend too much money on swimsuits! CHEERS TO SUMMER, and Arizona for knowing how to do it right!

Monday, March 4, 2013

congrats to the married couple!

Awkward moment when I realize I never blogged about my brothers wedding....
good sister award of the year goes to someone else!

They were "high school" sweethearts, Kelsey waited for him on his mission, they are an attractive couple and they will have a beautiful family.
Throw back to December 28th when Kelsey and Noah got married in the Mesa Arizona temple.

Giving my favorite and only brother away to another girl was really hard, so it's a good thing I love Kelsey!
At the reception I got a lot of comments like "You're next!" Is this really what my life has come to? My older siblings are off and married and have a life all on their own and I only have a year and a quarter left of school until I too am off on my own???? My life has gone by so fast, and seeing Noah get married made me realize that I need to cherish the moments I have with my family and cherish the rest of the childhood I have left!

for more instagrammed moments from the wedding check out #kelseyandnoah on instagram.

Sunday, March 3, 2013


Yesterday I probably roller bladed a total of 8 miles with my lady friends. 
Good work out, nice tan, and a fun time down at Tempe Town Lakes.
Sounds like summer, and I'm embracing it.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

the brother in law

We went out to Scottsdale on Tuesday night to meet up with Jeremy and ended up at a little Mexican restaurant that turned out really yummy! 

Here are just a couple of pictures that were taken

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Tell me about it, Stud.

Last night I went to Morp (prom spelled backwards, basically Sadie's) with a bunch of cute people! I went with a boy named Cameron and we had such a fun time! We started the day off with beach volleyball and ended it by the fire with the projector playing Ocean's Eleven. The dance theme was "Meet Me at the Diner" so we all dressed up in our 50's attire, some making a better effort than others. Me being one of those that put their outfit together at the last minute. A couple of the boys in our group showed up with fake cigarettes (a cut straw wrapped with yellow tape). The dance was crazy and my group made it the best! At one point all the kids were chanting our principles name and a couple minutes later we all planned to "fall asleep" at the same time. Such immature high school kids, but it was really fun. I love my friends so much and I love memories like this that I have to look back on!

I guess its time for me to start advertising myself for Prom I guess?!

Morp 2013