Saturday, January 17, 2009

I'm just that kind of girl.

I'm the kind of girl......
that procrastinates and finds something else to do.
that feels bad for dogs because they eat the same thing every day.
that can't stand the sound of snoring.
that cares for people who are unknown to her.
that tries hard to do what's right even though it's not always the easiest.
that loves bright colors.
that eats because she is bored and because food sounds good at the time.
that needs an orderly space to work in.
that spots pennies on the ground.
that sees whats around her and is grateful.
that knows who loves her and loves them back.
that hears a secret and keeps it.
that teaches others and learns at the same time.
that doodles on paper to make school more fun.
that sticks with her conscience.
that jokes even though not everyone gets her humor.
that watches the food channel wishing that she could be a food tester.
that stares down the clock.
that takes others under her wing and shows them the way.
that colors magical pictures and thinks about magical things.
that attempts to ride a roller coaster but doesn't always make it to the front of the line.
I'm just the kind of girl who will take the love she's given and spread it amongst others

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suzy lee said...

this is special. you are special. i bumped into your blog through the rockstar diaries. thanks for sharing your sweet magic!