Sunday, February 15, 2009

valentines day

Valentines Day. A time for fun, a time for love, and a time to eat chocolates. None of these things included us so we settled down at the computer and took pictures. It was fun but after a while when it got boring we were right back where we started. On the couch complaining. After a while the group of girls dwindled and I was left alone. It sure wasn't the best Valentines day but I have these picture to make up for it. :) sorry for all the girls who had to stay at my house that was boring. and thanks to the girls who asked me where the trash can was instead of finding another place to put it. :)


Estee Cook said...

i love when you blog.
it makes my heart happy.

jessie dryden said...

I love your posts peri. So colorful and cheerful....I miss you!
<3 C: