Thursday, April 2, 2009

people who are creative please leave a message.

My 13th birthday is coming up soon!
13 days in counting.
I need birthday party ideas. Before time runs out!

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Estee Cook said...

(this is not an update, just so you know...)

ideas. (you know, because i'm so creative and it's 2a.m. and i can't sleep...)

1. have mom and dad take you to the zoo. take pictures with the camels.
2. have your girl friends come over for a pool party. when they get there, they will realize that you do not have a pool. that is when you pull out the hose.
3. TP someone's yard.
4. have a head band making party. get some good ideas from naomi @ rockstar diaries and little ( headband shops.
5. prank call boys.
6. go ice skating, i hear there's a new rink?
7. make your friends help you make a paper chain counting down the days until i return to the mother land.
and that's where i'll stop...because that's the best idea.

i miss you g.f.

p.s.- i am bringing home those watches for you and chloe.
i hope she's not still mad at me