Monday, June 29, 2009

Bushy Browstein, the brown californian turtle.

B.B was born on this beach, around 4:00pm. I love this little creature.

How much cuter could a shelled turtle get?
I mean, the glasses.
and the hat?
plus his little shell feet?
He is a triple threat!
The appropriate name for this little triple featured turtle had to be...

Bushy Brownstein

{don't ask me why. it is what it is.}

Oh how I love Bushy.
thanks to Randall.

His first ever vacation spot was this beach.
Oh he adores playing in the water.
{as seen in the pictures above}

{another fun shadow picture, more to come}
Thanks to Dae and Randall.
The Three Amigos.
uno- one, dae
dos- two, me
tres-three, randall
I had a great time at the beach.


m. estelle said...

javen peri,
you are so lovely and creative.
it's inspiring, really.
i love you!


jessie dryden said...

Bushy is so cute. =)

Katie said...