Thursday, June 25, 2009

in the garden grows a fruit

My mother grew a cantaloupe!

I am so very proud.

I don't eat cantaloupe but I am sure someone else will enjoy it!

Good Job Mom!


m. estelle said...

woah really!?
i wish someone had been AWAKE WHEN I GOT HOME to tell me about this...
you're not the only one who doesn't like to go to sleep when everyone else is snoozing...


Meg Fee said...

oh wow. how did she do it, that can't be easy.

your blog is darling and i'm totally crushing on your banner--i can't wait to keep exploring!

kyleeinaz said...

Peri you blog is sooo cute!! I <3 it!
I'm starting up my blog again! Finally heres the url...
Check it out soon!!

<3 Kylee

kyleeinaz said...

Peri very cute blog!!
I'm finally starting up my blog again!
Check it out at

<3 Kylee

Katie said...

i want 2 grow something!