Tuesday, July 21, 2009

my toes on gypsy feet!


Oh my, oh my, oh my.


my ingrown toe is on Gypsy Feet. I feel famous right now.


{thanks laura for your lovely comment.}


Megan Marie said...

I'm starting up a blog called "yellow brick" and I would really really like to feature you on it. It's for LDS youth, and you are just so cheeky and lovely, I want to post about you. Email me at thepolishedpickle@gmail.com. The blog address is http://yellowbricktips.blogspot.com/

You're a peach!

Christiana said...

Found your blog through Gypsy Feet.*

Took me quite a few posts to realize you're only 13 (!!!) - and only one or two posts to realize you're a better blogger than most people I know.

Ohmygosh you're adorable.

Please keep blogging. Forever.

*Hope your toe feels better.

Megan Marie said...

forgot to mention! I'm one of the co-authors of gypsy feet, so that's how I found you. My regular blog is http://thepolishedpickle.blogspot.com/ and again, i think you are the cheese.

Laura said...

I'm glad to have your feet on The Gypsy Feet! All those colours make surgery look worth it!

m. estelle said...

oh peri! you are really the greatest!
beautiful AND inspiring...
i love you little lady.


Tamarah said...

wow wats gypsy feet?? also thats pretty sweet!!!