Tuesday, July 28, 2009

rockstar diaries

my happy list is on Rockstar Diaries.

1. thunder
2. aviator hats.
3. ferris wheels.
4. budweiser commercials.
5. the sound of waffles being buttered.
6. when my knees go weak with laughter.
7. photo shoots.
8. nerd glasses
9. suspenders.
10. finger painting.

these things make me happy. not just happy, "terribly happy"
in the last couple of days i have added:

11. little kid's prayers.


Megan Marie said...

yaya! i was sooo happy to see you on Rockstar!!!

Bean said...

Your happiness is wonderfully infectious. :D I love your perspective of the world! Please keep sharing it.

Mallory Fraughton said...

Jeez peri! You update your blog alot!! It's pretty much become part of my daily schedule to look at your blog. : ) once i get my own computer i will be updating alot 2. But thats not gonna be for a while.... Love ya!