Sunday, August 30, 2009

family ordeal.

The wedding, and the reception, were so amazing!
you are so creative!
i love you!

Really?, really?
how much cuter could it get?

Jeremy Wilson. I am glad you are the one Estee chose. You rock.
{at apples to apples}

ben. twin of hannah.
hannah was sick, so ben decides to pick flowers for her.
We had some time to kill {2 hours}
So we took a walk around temple square,
took a tour through the Beehive house,
and noah treated all 4 of us to rolls.
what a good brother.
the house is sure quiet without you.
i miss you.
the Salt Lake City Temple is so beautiful.
someday I wish to be married in this holy place.

i love this picture. compare it to when they were 3 years old and you would love it just as much as i do.
they have changed.

noah noah noah.

have i told you how much i've missed you?
whenever I here dad's voice I think of you.
whenever chloe says WHIP GRIPS and snaps her finger in that wierd way,
i think of you.
i sure do miss you.
enjoy utah livin.
i love you.
i love jeremy.
there is a lot of love.
good luck.
enjoy your gifts.
all of themmmm.


Olivia Rae said...

so beautiul!! that is so so exciting she got married.. i'm thrilled for her, he sounds like a great guy.

Megan Marie said...

pretty dress!!! How cool! You have a neat family.

Laura said...

Yaaay Estee! I love all these pictures. I looks like it was such a beautiful day.

jessie dryden said...

peri, what a cute post!!
I love all the pictures. it looks like you all had a really fun time! Congratulations to Estee!

Amy said...

That looks so fun! You look gorgeous girl! Love ya!
Mallory : )

Shari Goodman said...

super cute!!!