Sunday, November 8, 2009

a bunch of balogna

Eighth grade is a party. (out of school)
But while we all look happy outside.
(school is killing us on the inside)
At least that's how I feel.
so much homework.
so much drama.
so many hormones.
a bunch of CRAZY


Mallory Fraughton said...

Amen Sista!! Geez, could school get any more cunfusing?? I highly doubt it. There is way too many feelings going through me for it! Oh well, (as miley cyrus would say) life's a climb.

im a dork, but sometimes her songs end up good. Haha!!
nerd #2

Laura said...

I remember it all too well! Make the most of though because as all old farts will say - those are the best days of your life. Ok maybe not the best but you'll miss them when they're gone ;)

Anonymous said...


i've been out of high
school 4 and a half
years and all those
things still feel very
fresh! the good
thing is that high
school is practice
and it only lasts
4 "short" years.