Sunday, November 29, 2009

fly girls

it's autumn.
go outside and take pictures.
the colors are be-oootiful.

to day it rained.
and we spotted two rainbows.

{this picture reminds me of a day-dream.}

{shadow picture}

I absolutely love love love autumn.

favorite part of the year.

the colors. the feeling. the weather.

today noah went back to "Ew-Tah" -estee

i am blessed and fortunate.

Happy Holidays!

{p.s i am almost to 30 followers!}


m. estelle said...

this is lovely.
love you.

Natali said...

Holy taquitos!
You have talent with the camera.
Honestly awesome pictures & love the colors.

Lexie. said...

Yeah of course!
What do you need it of/for?
Bytheway, did you ever get your other one to work?

Estee said...

seriously?! AMAZING

Jalene said...

cute cute shoes!!!

Laura said...

Pretty girls! AND cute shoes!