Tuesday, November 24, 2009

just cardboard

oh yeah.......
i wish.
sadly this was only a cardboard cut-out.
i can dream though can't i?
jacob is to die for. ;)
love him!
and his acting skills in New Moon. ;)
dang bella.
you have bad bad bad taste.


Elisa Mary said...

Your blog is adorable!! and so are you! :)

m. estelle said...

peri. you're hilarious.
the end.
k bye.

jessie dryden said...

haha...so funny, peri. ;)
did you like new moon?
by the way, i agree, bella does have pretty bad taste. Dx

Katie said...

:( hey!!!! i am team edward!!! (i mean not like the full-blown craziness.... i don't do ANY boys until 16 of course ....) but edward is awesome!!! taylor is cuter than robert, but still!!!!

hey it's fast sunday 2day ready 2 share ur testimony??? i am!! :D