Tuesday, November 17, 2009

toilet paper anyone?

I've always wanted to be tp'd.
but never had.
but then.
it happened.
and there was lots of it.
lots of cute notes written in chalk on my driveway.
{i love winter grass}

my friends heather and jessica are cuties. times 10.
chloe helped me clean .
and man there was a lot. enough to make my next halloween outfit. ;)

To quote Jack Black in Kung Foo Panda

"The hardest part is cleaning up the left-overs."


m. estelle said...

this is hilarious.
you are adorable.
i love the mummy costume!
i wish i had been there to clean up!
(i always wanted to get tp'd too)(geez)


Megan Marie said...

Awe, I miss the TP days! Someday I hope my kids get TPed, and I'm going to be a really good sport about it!

Hooray for sweet friends!

kittrean tanner said...

this was funny.....do the girls know that we were watching them 'decorate' our house? :) thank you for cleaning up so quickly.....and thank you for understanding Provident Living and recycling the toilet paper....eeeeeeeuuuuuuuu!

xoxoxo mom

jessie dryden said...

Peri! I love your blog posts, because they always make me smile. I miss you so much! I'll be back this summer, so we'll have to hang out. Love you!
p.s I love you in the mummy costume!!

m. estelle said...

okay, seriously peri? your header? you're hilarious, and i loveyou.