Wednesday, March 31, 2010

hello april.

Dear April,

I just wanted to say that i'm really excited for you to come...
even more excited the i was for march.
it means
  • birthday.
  • little animal babies.
  • more rain.
  • stake dances.
  • a fresh start.

march wasn't as fun as i wanted it to be.

april... don't tell anyone. but, you are my favorite. and basically i am just super excited so. tomorrow when you get here... make it obvious. make the day great. that is all i want, it a better month. and a happy birthday.


Estee said...

hey lady!!!
this month WILL be awesome!!
jeremy and i just picked out your b-day present and sent it on it's way.
happy april, baby.
i love you

Amy said...

Seriously, you are the most creative girl... love to read what goes on inside your pretty head! Please be friends with my daughter forever!