Monday, March 1, 2010

hello march.

hello march,

i just wanted to say...
that i am very excited that you are here.
please while you are here shower us with more rain.
i really do love the rain.
and could you possibly make my stupid allergies go away?
i would really appreciate that.
oh and.
the breeze outside right now is really nice,
would that be able to stay like that?
i can't wait for spring break when i can feel the sun.
or noah's birthday.
or jeremy's birthday.
or tamarah's birthday.
i just hope that you aren't like the other months
staying for what only seemed to be a couple of days.
i want it to feel like you are here for a very long time.
we can go swimming or go to the mall.
we could even go see a good movie together.

that sounds nice.
can't wait for all the fun we'll have.

p.s. i don't want any drama.
with anyone this month.
i just don't like drama.



Mallory Fraughton said...

Dear Peri,
I think that will work. The breeze is beautiful as well as rain, and you are almost finished with junior high-so i agree its only fair to give you what you want.
p.s.- hang out with Mal alot because she hates drama, loves shopping, needs a tan, and crafts like there is no tommorow. Also, she loves being your friend very very much. So you too will get along just fine!


Laura said...

March is such a grrrrreat month! I hope yours is the best ever!

Tamarah said...

If only March was endless and was a forever going month full of bliss and great weather! Also March happens to be the best month, not only for the weather but for my wonderful birthday, that you so graciously mentioned! ;)

<3 Tamarah