Friday, May 14, 2010

i'm still alive.

i feel kind of like this.

i haven't written 0n my bl0g for a l0ng time!
i d0n't blame y0u if y0u t00k me 0ff 0f y0ur bl0g list!
finals are alm0st here and i am s0-0000 busy.
n0 j0ke.
i just want sch00l t0 be 0ver.
my tan has faded...
and i feel like a white pers0n.
i want t0 go swimming all 0f the time.
i want t0 hang 0ut with my friends.
all i want t0 do is spend all 0f my m0ney 0n cute cl0thes.
i pretty much want t0 have the best summer ever...
and pretend like 8th grade never happened.
c0me 0n summer.


Amy said...

Why would you want to forget 8th grade girl? and ya. hanging out will be fun!

N. Puga said...

So Peri, i have some exciting news.
My aunt Maggie & I were in Buckle at apparently Maggie is friends with Kelsey!
And, since were all so darn creative, she said we should make shirts together!
Sounds like the best play date ever(:


Devaun said...

excuse me peri, but your tan has definitely not faded.