Thursday, June 3, 2010

hello summer.

Hell0 summer.
i really have missed y0u.
but that party when we met up again...
that was great.
y0u saved me from m0re sch00l.
and m0re h0mew0rk.
we can just hang 0ut all summer.
thanks t0 y0u i n0w have time t0:
eat healthy.
read all i want.
g0 0n bike rides.
sleep in.
get a r0ckin tan.
g0 t0 efy.
and st0p my ann0ying habits.
i'm really glad y0ur here.
basically y0u are my fav0rite part 0f the year.
can't wait f0r m0re fun.
y0u r0ck.

l0ve fr0m:

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