Friday, August 13, 2010

this is how the third day of highschool is spent.

while i'm stuck here with pink eye....
and everyone else is on there third day of school....

here's a video.
mostly for my enjoyment because i'm bored.
but for yours too.


N. Puga said...

So today in photo...
I got there, earlier than you, weird right.
Our regular seats are taken, so I take Hannah & Blair's seats.
They come in..not happy. They sit somewhere else.
I keep at seat for you & a girl sits down.
But there's still another one next to me...until Wayne & Jameson sit down RIGHT NEXT TO ME.
and then the hour goes on..i flip out thinking the worst and considering you switched out.
we got a new girl & analyze photos.
i come home & find out you have pink eye.
and i now sit by jameson & wayne. seniors. football players. pervs. and rude boys.
coooooool. ok i'm done.

Mallory Fraughton said...

dang peri! thats a very fun music video.

Missed you at school! But i have all of your makeup work, so no worries.