Thursday, September 9, 2010

oh man oh man.

don't worry.
this didn't just pop up on your screen at home...
but i feel like it might pop up on mine annnnnny minute now.
i'm on the computer when there is nothing to do.
and when i should be:
reading "the hobbit"
not being on the computer
and basically,
just getting a life.
i thinnnnk i should delete my facebook.
even though that site is sooo ridiculously boring.
i can't seem to stay off!
time to go memorize scripture masteries.


Mallory Fraughton said...

oh goodness. that is a good one peri!
i really did think that popped up.

and yes. i feel like this all the time! oi vey. lets get a life, okay?

Laura said...

Ooft, yeah! I work online, my school is online, if I want to talk to my family it's online... yeow! Someone needs some fresh air!!