Saturday, November 20, 2010

30 random things.

1. i pop my knuckles {ugly habit} 2. i have to force myself to pay attention in school
3. only sometimes am i good at remembering things
4. i personally think i'm a good secret keeper
5. sometimes i get jealous
6. i don't use an alarm clock
7. my favorite color is mustard yellow
8. my hair is getting really curly
9. homemade is my favorite
10. if someone locked me in a room with
11. i think fairies live in Neverland.
12. my favorite movies are the ones i've never seen.
13. i think about getting married a lot even though... i am only 14.
14. when i meet a boy, i judge him on "would he be a good husband?"... no joke.
15. naked juice is really good.
16. my stick figures don't look like anyone elses.
17. i get sad when there aren't new pictures on the computer to edit.
18. sometimes i just crave food out of a box.
19. and sometimes i just crave healthy food.
20. when i was little i use to think of braces as an accessory.
21. i would bend paper clips and stick them in my mouth to pretend i had them.
22. i tell myself to get rid of the fb. and then i talk myself out of it.
23. there are 5 ducks living in my backyard.
24. i heart Regina Spektor.
25. i always seem to get hungry, right before i go to bed.
26. i would rather read then watch tv. unless its a new Wizards of Waverly Place of course.
27. my self control level is really low. {i am very persuasive}
28. i can't seem to stop thinking "what if".
29. i have a fear of flying in airplanes.
30. when i admire someone, i try to be like them.

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