Thursday, November 11, 2010

my life is good.

i was just looking through all of my posts over the years.
cause.... i had nothing to do


i found this one:

and i couldn't help but think about everything chloe and i have done
how much our lives have changed since that post.
1) estee got married
2) i am a teenager now {full blown... almost 15}
3) noah is off on a mission

then there's everything chloe and i have accomplished:
too many things to list.

the family has changed so much as a whole.

my life is good. reallythough. it's all good.
and i just need to remember that all the time...
not just right now as i write on my blog.

have a happy day. and enjoy right now.


annie said...

I don't know why it's so hard for us to remember, this "life is good" feeling. But I'm ready to start focusing on the here and now more... It's time to be present in the moment I've been given.

(P.S.~ Love the shoes in this picture... Are they yours? What kind are they?)

j.peri said...


p.s the shoes are $10 from walmart