Thursday, November 4, 2010


officially i have started eating better:
1. no treats
2. more veggies+fruit

it may not be the biggest, most best, "diet" you've ever heard of but , i think it's workin.

when i crave something sweet i pull out the naked juice.

when i crave food in general i grab a banana.

yep yep yep. 2 days in, 12 more to go.

one small step for any other person, and one giant leap for peri.


Tamarah said...

guess what..? even though im sick, im eating good too. it is not easy though when my family always has sweets out!
Stay strong Peri.

N. Puga said...

go veg.
it's honestly not that hard.
3 months for me so far.

Laura said...

Good job! We started eating that way 4 weeks ago and threw in a little exercise too. Don't forget to drink lots of water too.