Wednesday, December 22, 2010

happy list: christmas edition.

over on rockstar diaries taza wrote out another happy list.
this time for christmas.
and i will too.
10 things that make me terribly happy during the christmas season:
1. being able to talk to the boy pictured above.
2. smelling bonfires at night if i step outside.
3. waking up in the middle of the night feeling cold then being able to cuddle up in a blanket.
4. non-stop christmas music.
5. buying presents
6. wrapping those presents.
7. hallmark christmas movies. plus the abc family ones.
8. feeling warm inside because of all the christmas cheer.
9. spending so much time with friends and family.
10. hearing bells ring for the salvation army.

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Mallory Fraughton said...

I wanted to click the "Like" button, but then i remembered i was not on FB. haha.
but i do like this