Tuesday, February 8, 2011

the question that needs an answer.

lately this question keeps crossing my mind:
am i a shopaholic?
[because shopping is always on my mind.]

  • when i had a bad day,
i think about how shopping would help.
  • when i look at other girls and get jealous,
i think about how shopping would help.
  • when my closet seems bare,
i think about how shopping would help.

then i compare myself to Rebecca Bloomwood from [Confessions of A Shopaholic]
can't be a shopaholic because:
a: my closet isn't overflowing with clothes.
b: the debt collector isn't after me.
c: i don't have any credit cards.
d: i'm not always at the mall.
obviously i'm not a rebecca bloomwood.

my name is Peri and I'm pretty sure i'm on my way to becoming a shopaholic.


Tori said...

oh peri,
you and your blog make me smile big.
You are the cutestt ever.
Show all those other freshman up girl!

Mallory Fraughton said...

Hey, no worries. I have been wondering the same thing alot because all i think about sometimes is shopping and everything i need......well, want. Haha. Your not alone. Maybe we should join shopaholics anonymous?