Thursday, March 3, 2011

another sister to hang with.

Oh rachelle. Do come back soon.
while she was here i felt like i was on vacation.
we sang,
we went on a bike ride to the gas station,
we shopped,
and we had oh so much fun.
geez. why can't everyday be like this?
plus the pictures above are of the tea party we had.
she is one of the most creative girls I know.
i'll have to later put on pictures of the banner and the necklace we made.
love you roch.


Maryn said...

IZZES ARE THE BEST THINGS EVER! try the blackberry with vanilla ice cream. sooo good.

kittrean tanner said...


m.estelle said...

i love rachelle, so much.
and you.


Kiley Beee. said...

Peri! Adorable. Gosh you blog is cute.

Mallory Fraughton said...

this looks like a bucket-full of fun! No wonder you wanted to spend your friday with her :)

Emily Griffiths said...

oh peri.. I am so glad that you guys had some great times.
I hope we can have some too soon.

love you.