Thursday, June 23, 2011

tea party// schedule.

[look at the irony in this photo.]
[hint: the pasta on the comic.]

parents were out so chloe & i decided to have a tea party.
boo ya.
lately my mind has been buzzing.
so much to do.
 i worked on an online course i was doing: health.
got an hour of workout in. [chloe & i did step aerobics] you might be thinking to yourself,  
"step aerobic, seriously?", don't be because chloe chacha'd & asked what exercise burned the most calories..... and step aerobics was number one!
watched the movie "When in Rome."
and last night i had a dream that my dad was all better and he was tan and his hair was back to brown.
[nbd but i'm pretty sure that's a good omen]
girls camp T-MINUS 5 days.

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