Tuesday, August 2, 2011

bahama mama: a celebratory vacation.

for my moms 50th birthday we went to the bahamas!
it was really beautiful and the people there were so welcoming. the resort we stayed at had the most amazing beach, soft sand and blue water.
the picture of the sign was in an old lady's shop, who had signs like that all over the store. 
"don't touch."
"you break, you buy."
best island food: conch fritters. mmm. 
they were these little deep fried balls of conch meat and peppers. so good!
so glad to be back in the dry heat instead of the walk-outside-and-you're-in-a-sauna heat.


Tamarah said...

geez peri you are adorable. it sounds like you had tons of fun! you are one lucky girl!

j.peri said...

Top photo of Chloe' Abby and Peri... all skirts made by Abby's mom (one of my very best friends) for our fun trip.... yes, Liz made one for each of us, as well...Peri, where is the photo of all of us in front of the church...in our skirts (and tops :)?

jessie dryden said...

im so jealous of that that trip! cute pictures :)