Monday, March 4, 2013

congrats to the married couple!

Awkward moment when I realize I never blogged about my brothers wedding....
good sister award of the year goes to someone else!

They were "high school" sweethearts, Kelsey waited for him on his mission, they are an attractive couple and they will have a beautiful family.
Throw back to December 28th when Kelsey and Noah got married in the Mesa Arizona temple.

Giving my favorite and only brother away to another girl was really hard, so it's a good thing I love Kelsey!
At the reception I got a lot of comments like "You're next!" Is this really what my life has come to? My older siblings are off and married and have a life all on their own and I only have a year and a quarter left of school until I too am off on my own???? My life has gone by so fast, and seeing Noah get married made me realize that I need to cherish the moments I have with my family and cherish the rest of the childhood I have left!

for more instagrammed moments from the wedding check out #kelseyandnoah on instagram.


m.estelle said...

all of these pictures are so awesome. I LOVE YOU YOUNG JEEZY

kittrean tanner said...

Are you an orphan?

Allison Whipple said...

Peri U are so Cute and also i think U're Right about that we need to cherish our life and the rest of Chilhood !:-)