Wednesday, December 17, 2008


1. I had Social Studies first it was so easy!
2. Band was next. It was easy for me but the grades that I saw Mr. Durham giving kids I was SCARED!! He talks to himself so this is what I heard as he was marking with his red pen, "WOW... WOW... Why can't they follow directions??", then he was counting the ones that were wrong per page, "13...20...18...24...which is a total of...65... wow!" I WAS SO SCARED. My nails are really short because I pick my nails when I'm nervous.
3. Science not my best subject. I don't understand most of the stuff but I studied hard and walked in the room with confidence. I got a B!
4. Last was math. I didn't think I was going to finish but I did, 2 minuets before the bell rang.
Tomorrow will be an easy and fun day. I have to run 20 min. for P.E and then I have language we take the test and then watch a movie!!!!! CANT WAIT. I'm glad the first day is over. ONe step closer to CHRISTMAS!


Estee Cook said...

peri! you make finals sound so easy!
i love you, smart girl!

jessie dryden said...

luckily mine are in the spring time. hope you have a good christmas!