Saturday, May 30, 2009

i.m back.

It started with a car ride with subway sandwiches... and ended the same way.
We had such a fun time!
I loved it when people would call me princess.
{you don't hear that everyday}
We spent most our time waiting in line for the matterhorn or pin trading.
ah hem- don't start pin trading... you can never stop.
For the first time in my 13 years I went for a tour through Sleeping Beauty's castle.
Who has ever heard of doing that... or has even done it? It was wierd. But really cool.
I went to go open a door and all of a sudden we heard screaming and the door started shaking. I almost wet my pants. Luckily nobody was there or else they would have seen our reaction. After that Chloe and I held tight to mother and didn't touch any doors.
Interview with Chloe:
p. What is your favorite ride?
c. Space mountain!
p. If you lived in Disneyland what area would you live in?
c. Tomorrow land because there would be cool rooms.
p. What is your favorite food stand?
c. The churro stands, no ice cream stands because it's so hot when your out there walking.
p. Who is your favorite Disney character and why?
c. It's either, ummm, Pochohontas {did I spell that right} , or Snow White. I don't know why, because I don't really like Snow White.
p. If you were an employee what job would you want?
c. I would want to be... the person who... {silence, except for the toaster ticking}, give examples...
p. ok
a) street sweeper
c. SICK, what if someone threw up?
b) a tour guide
c) or, a churro salesman.
c. A TOUR GUIDE! because you would get to show people cool places that your not usually alowed to see.
p.What do you like best?
a) California Adventure
(b) Disneyland
c) Downtown Disney
c. Disneyland by far.
p. Do you love me?
c. Yeah? I'm not going to clean your plate for you. {we were eating expired cream cheese and bagels}
p.Thank you for taking Peri's Disney Interview.
c. {listening to her ipod}
p. {says it louder}
c. I can hear you it's on pause... duh.
p. ......
c. owwww I have a pain in my stomach. {probably from that dang cream cheese}


m. estelle said...

oh my gosh, this is just hilarious...
i love you peri. so creative, you are.

Randi Dandi said...

Peri these pictures are adorable!!! You are so funny and i totally love the iterview!! I was laughing pretty hard!!!

Randi Dandi said...

Peri, those pictures are adorable!!! I love them!! I also love the interview. You got me laughing pretty hard!!!

Kara Jayne said... are too cute, cool, and witty for words.

AZ Farrs said...

haha i love this! i miss you girls! My favorites disneyland too chlo!