Monday, June 15, 2009

I pray for patience... while others don't have to.

******I wish I could do this {click it}******

(p.s)- last night while sitting on the couch a baby scorpion decided to pinch me.

It stung.

I cried.

And now I am afriad to sit. {stand, walk, sleep, drink}-he wasn't really that big-


m. estelle said... wish you could do what?

gpsquickfix said...

I know this is a true story! I was there! I doctored her and I flushed Bob myself.....oh dear..should be move to another where???? mom

m. estelle said...

ooooohhhh great. i get it. i LOVE it. i LOOOOOVE YOU!

❤maddy❤ said...

Oh my gosh peri!!!! I cant believe you got stung!!!! Im so sorry!! are you ok? I miss you I haven't seen you in forever!!! LOVE YOU!