Tuesday, June 16, 2009

my pimpin new glasses+ my play-date with mal

I just had to have them.
No matter what anyone says.
Only $5.80!
I love love love'm.

shadow pictures.
lot's of fun.

Oh Mallory, how you make me smile.
I would like you to know that I had lot's of fun.

{beats sitting on the couch}
Please come over ANYtime!

ps. I think you are a good photograher. so is your mom.


Lena said...

Miss Peri--I heard a rumor from a friend that you had the cutest blog ever invented...so I, of course, had to come and check it out!

Love the glasses...they are...so...intelligent--send in a photo with your college applications and you will get into the best schools on a full ride...no doubt.

Katie said...

lol! :) hmmm i <3 ur blog..... i'll invite u 2 mine in a sec....

Megan Marie said...

This just made my day!