Thursday, July 23, 2009

blogging buddies

This last week in the blogging world....

I have made some new friends.

It started by simply sending my toe to Gypsy Feet. And that's where I met Laura.

Then I met Megan. A contributer to Gypsy Feet.

And from there I met a Christiana.

3 new friends who all made me so happy about myself.

Megan so lovingly featured me on Yellow Brick, her new blog:

a blog giving tips to LDS girls! what a good idea huh? check it out!

Christiana so excitingly featured me on This. Very. Moment, her blog:

a cute blog about her life.

Laura. Thanks again for putting me on Gypsy Feet.

These features made my week and made me feel like a famous blogger.

{go check out their blogs. afterwards you will have to thank me.... seriously}


The Howe Family said...

Linked to you from Christi (This.Very.Moment.)...she is've got talent, girl! :) Enjoyed peeking through your blog.

I imagine our daughter, Lily (5 yrs.), would relish in writing a blog when she is about to enter 8th grade. She's on her way to kindergarten this fall. She loves art, words, and is learning to read and write. She is hilarious and precocious, and I bet you were like her when you were 5. Lily likes to know what I put on our family blog (to keep grandparents up to date :) ), and I am quite certain anything she would produce in blog world would be far more entertaining than I could ever hope to be! She likes to create newspapers about the happenings in her little world. You've inspired me to encourage her to write (or dictate to me) more!

Have fun and keep writing. :)

Christiana said...

Oh Sweet Peri.

Many thanks for the shoutout.

You're absolutely darling.



Laura said...

I just left a comment over on Christiana's blog telling her how glad I am for your pesky toes! If it hadn't been for that surgery I don't think I'd have ever found you!

Maybe your toes were doing you a favour and now that it's fulfilled they'll stop bothering you? ;)

kittrean tanner said...

Hey Child of Mine....where is my shout out for your happy days ! Remember, I am the nutty mom that slaps her legs when she laughs.....yah, the crazy one that thinks I am so funny. I know my goofiness has something to do with the sunshine in your world...AND! don't forget who your driver is to get those fancy clown bandages on your biggo toes after surgery ! xxooxoxoxxo your self-proclaimed funny mom