Friday, July 24, 2009

flash of the past.

Yesturday after reading Christiana's blog. I rounded up Chloe and we went back to when we were young and naive.... and very creative with our activities.

First we started by dressing up. Maybe not so much like we would have when we were 5-6-7 but it was fun just the same.
with green stalkings you can't go wrong.

Our next activity was VCR dominoes. 15x the size of real dominoes. 5x more fun!

how could we forget about all of these great movies?
we don't want them to go to waste so we make these creations.
soooo sooo fun.

when I was six it was cool to make trails and walk across them. ;)
dum da dum dum

This is a webkinz penguin named Zip. Say hello Zip.

Our last activity was to get out those old stuffed animals and look at 'em.
Boy did we have A-LOT!

{thank you for the wonderful idea christiana. sorry we didn't get to the polly pockets or the barbies. or even the fort. we didn't want to scare our visitors with a tornado of toys.}


kittrean tanner said...

Cute....nice break from what I am experiencing here and now. :O xoxoxoxoox

Laura said...

I think everyone should be born with a digital camera. Ok, maybe not actually *born* with but we should all have access to cameras from a young age. I love your creativity and spiciness!

Now I need to go watch The Secret Garden ;)

m. estelle said...

my sisters are seewwww kewwwlll.

p.s.- another thing you used to do when you were little: sing hil duff's :"comeing clean" at the top of your lungs in the car with your sisters???
(oh wait, that happened today. oops.)

Christiana said...

You and Chloe are more fun than should be allowed.

Thank you for sharing your marvelously creative activities, darling peri.


nadia shea said...

you girls are so adorable! I saw your blog through Estee's. I must say your parents made gorgeous children and I L-O-V-E their taste in names! You all have the cuuutest names. Thanks for this post, I felt like a kid again. Really, I'm going to get a slushee and swim and forget everything grown up and important.

Chelsey said...

Dear Peri, I'm absolutely in love with you and your blog! It makes my day <3