Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Evillllll Comes

Oh harry,
I can't wait to see how you fight off evil forces in your 6th movie.


m. estelle said...

oh how i love you
(and harry too)


jessie dryden said...

I can't wait either. ;)
Are you going to see it with friends or family? I love your blog too, and also you. =]
Thank you for all the wonderful comments.
jessie <3

Mallory Fraughton said...

It's really good! I saw it like 7 hours before it offically came out! I just have REALLY good connections......(in other words, make friends with lauren kerr!)

Katie said...

i saw it yesterday!!! it is awesome!!! but my sister and mom (who read the books) thought it was one of the worst out of all the movies cause they left out so much.....

Laura said...

I'm SO excited about this! I think we're going to see it tomorrow. My mum and dad saw it on Wednesday back home and they loooooved it!