Thursday, July 16, 2009

mmmm mmm good

I love going to get a small carmel pecan frozen yogurt in this Arizona heat.
{boy is it hot}
especially when I can sprinkle Reeses over it. mmmmm

As you can see,
I'm still getting good use out of my glasses.

The people are nice,
the yogurt is good,
it's air conditioned,
and it's oh so close to the house.
Whoever invented 'Ocean Blue',
should earn 1 billion dollars, 1 million kisses, 1 thousand wishes, and 1 hundred more dollars.
My family has probably already contributed $300 of that.

yes yes yes.
ocean blue all the way.

Chloe agrees.
{have you ever tried ocean blue?}


Laura said...

Thanks for following MY blog, you! I've been lurking around keeping an eye on that toe of your since you sent me the picture and story for The Gypsy Feet. I think you're hilarious!

And, the ice-cream here looks and sounds perfect. Ice-cream and granola would sort of be like breakfast cereal... right? Is 9am too early for that?

m. estelle said...

oh peri! you are the greatest!


Tamarah said...

actually i have never been there!! :) im guessing its like a yogurt place?? i need to go sometime!!!