Friday, July 17, 2009

Gallup, New Mexico.

Just a couple of days ago,
I got home from a vacation to Gallup to go see all of the cousins and to watch the annual bull riding show. Or as the Native Navajos and my cousins call it, "Wild Thing".
It was crazy fun!
All of the family crowds into Nana's house for 2 days,
Just for the event!
So many kids!
Luckily there is a backyard, and a playroom for the kids to disappear to.
I found the flowers that Nana has so well tended to.
boy are they pretty.

Thanks guys.
Thanks Nana.


kyleeinaz said...

You're blogging is getting better and better after every post!! And your photography skills are too!!
What website do you get your clocks at?! I've been searching the internet and I can't find any cute ones!!
Can't wait to see you when school starts back up again!!

<3 Kylee

m. estelle said...

j. peri! your new layout is lovely and your blogging is lovely-er. :)
i love you so much lady!

Katie said...

fun!!! yes, i agree. u r an amazing blogger!!

Tamarah said...

wow did you take those pictures!!??? they r amazing! geez peri you r great at this!!!! :)