Sunday, July 26, 2009

Happy Happy

Mom. Estee.

happy birthday.
really. happy birthday.


m. estelle said...

oh you...and you...
i love yous.

my birthday this year will be lovely.
you you and me.
dinner for three.

kittrean tanner said...

You are funny fun fun....thank you. :) xoxoxoox

Laura said...

Happy Birthday, Lovely Cook Ladies!
I hope you both have the best day ever!

Mallory Fraughton said...

Sheesh Peri. Your 2 creative for words! Ive been looking at other people's blogs and a lot of people love and care about you (not to mention talk about you a LOT!)(in a good way!) Dont forget how lucky you are-Ever. Keep on being yourself and doing what you will get you far in life.
Love u!