Friday, July 10, 2009

my big toe.

over the past year......
i have had problems with my big, bubble,' weird for a 13 year old to have', toes.
I have already had two surgery's.......
and i had to go back for another.
this time for my right piggy.

it was painful.
especially since the num-er lady was crackin' jokes about my toes. ?
Wow, your toes are big. -lady
yep. -me
No seriously, look at 'em. -lady
i didn't know what to say. then the doctor came in and put a really tight band around my toe...
so, he had to numb me, again.


Mallory Fraughton said...

How lovely Peri!! ; D Your toes are normal! Sorry you had to go through this AGAIN! That probably stinks! Sorry!

Katie said...

yikes :(

jessie dryden said...

I like the green cast thing,though. =]
I'm sorry about your piggies. ]=
num-er ladies shouldnt crack jokes about toes. It's just not right. And for the record, I don't think they're big at all. I think they're the perfect size. <3

Laura said...

Have you heard the song "Bubbly Toes" by Jack Johnson?