Wednesday, July 8, 2009

my little hippies... how i love these dogs.

A young, blond, American model stuck in a dog's body.
what a cutie.
my hippie.

This dog on the other hand,
isn't as photogenic.
but i love her still the same.
my hippie.

have you ever played dress up with a dog?
you end up wishing you could have a baby.

ha ha ha. look how she mimics Mal.

what a fun dog.
what happens when they pass on?
what will I do?


m. estelle said...

oh stop it.
they will be alive and kickin (or rather, barking...yapping...) long after you've gone to college.


Kara Jayne said...

next time you come over you can play dress up with my baby...nora! she will love it and love you even more!

Mallory Fraughton said...

That was so fun!! Your dogs are realy cute! Last night i was laughing so hard while telling my mom the story of how sunny holds cookie back when your dad shakes the garbage bag : ) haha!!! ....... good times.

Molly said...

These photos are hilarious! I love them! Thanks so much for linking to my store. <3 Vivi Dot

jessie dryden said...

I love your dogs!
A young blonde american model, what a great decription. I can see it in her eyes, it's the truth.