Monday, January 4, 2010

i wanna.

i wanna.
be known as the girl who can do anything.
be every one's friend.
learn to play guitar.
be the first to discover something.
have a picnic with close friends.
go on a road trip with chloe. {when with a drivers licence and parental consent}
be the ultimate crafter.
buy myself a nifty camera. {the ones that are a pretty big deal}
be as rich as possible.
take a trip to Australia. and meet a koala.
dance in the rain.
learn french and spanish.
make my hair darker than it already is.
have a canasta tournament.
someday live in a really nice apartment with my dog. { which kind undecided}
marry a really nice guy.
know that i am the best me i can be


Lexie. said...

Mannnn you took like everything from my to do list. :) But some of them aren't as hard as you playing the guitar. I taught myself to do that. And picnics are always lovely...

Your netty friend,

kara jayne said...

i have no doubt you will be and do anything you want to.

Mallory Fraughton said...

looks like you've got your bucket list started! I've started a while ago. but its like church stuff. We should have a bucket list day!

(p.s.- if you dont know what a bucket list is, its a list of 100 things you want to do before you die. I think it's pretty dandy.)

Love, Mal

pps- I love how you do pictures of your feet. it should be your signature thing ; )

Laura said...

Oh yes! J. Peri is a girl with a dream. She's a girl with goals! I have no doubt you'll achieve every single one of those things and MORE! Can't wait to see you do it :)

PS. Check The Gypsy Feet ;)