Thursday, March 25, 2010

alice in wonderland 3D

friends are so very fun.
braces on the other hand...
not so much.
the sides of my mouth are torn up
and my lips aren't any better.
i can eat now though...
so that's good.
{picture in movies... about to watch alice in wonderland.}
no at scary or wierd as people say it is.


Amy said...

i'm glad you had fun, but honestly, i dont think i could've seen it. very cute pictures though. And i also love your brace face!

Laura said...

Fun! Sorry about your mouth. Did they give you wax to put on your braces to help smooth them out? I'm sure that wouldn't help all of it :(

I love Alice in Wonderland. At the start of her adventure I was a bit scared but not terrified. I felt like I was 6 though, it was that kind of scared.

Estee said...

i am in love with the new addition to your teeth. you wear them so well...much better than i did!!

i love you peri!!! see you in a couple months!!

Randi Dandi said...

haha that was super fun! by the way, i think u look very cute with braces!