Monday, March 22, 2010

i'm just that kind of girl. #2

i'm the kind of girl who... {numbre dos}
talks to herself under her breathe in foreign accents.
stresses too much about what others think of her.
realizes that mistakes happen often, and you can't fix them.
unsecretly hates math.... it just doesn't add up {cheesy joke... you don't have to laugh}.
secretly loves when people call her "pear" or "p-body".
aspires to be a colorful photographer.
acts like she can do karate moves after watching a movie with action scenes.
works really hard at becoming rich.
dreams about being the ultimate crafter.
can watch a funny movie over and over without getting board.
loves being sneaky.
thinks that the word old is just a bad synonym for vintage.
gets a little to energetic when around people.
dislikes being called "p" or even worse "pp".
likes people who aren't afraid of going against the crowd.
who can't wait for the age 14 to come so i can go to the stake dances.
now has a big wiry smile.
will never get tired of the color purple.
loves her family.
likes boys. ;)
likes/dislikes car trips. it's complicated.
spends way too much time on the computer.
uses her free sunday afternoons to craft, watch movies, and take naps.
wants to have her first baby... while being in more than one place at one time {the four corners.}
loves seeing a great movie, forgeting about it, then a long time after watching it like it's brand new.
has her life planned out... i already know what i want my house to look like. :)
knows exactly what her husband is suppose to be like.
has problems, but tries to forget them.
is a big fan of star wars. not even a joke people. i love it.
enjoys spending all day in her pajamas.
can't get over how much homework her teachers give her.
doesn't like inside jokes. they are meant to make people jealous. i just know it.
is confused when people say "no big deal"... when it's a big deal.
blogs. a lot.
I'm just the kind of girl who will take the love she's given and spread it amongst others.


Laura said...

You're my kind of girl Pear-body! hahaha! See what I did there?...


It has been far too long since our bloggy correspondence. I'm in Scotland right now and doing online school. AKA. I'm in my favourite place doing my least favourite thing. It's ok though, I suppose. I'm still getting up to a healthy amount of mischief. :)

Devaun said...

i love you peri. this made my day today :) COME TO UTAH!

kara jayne said...

just more reasons i love you.

especially the star wars part. i. love. it.

Britti said...

I love star wars too. And you're right, boys aren't too bad. :)
Have a fun day!

Amy said...

love you. and all of these things pear! i could point out which ones, but then i would just be re-writing your whole post. That means your awesome!
(Who secretly doesnt like that nickname, but doesnt have any other nickname, so......)