Sunday, March 21, 2010

photo journal: our getaway to california {#2}

Heres another set of photos to add to my photo journal collection.
we had a blast.
but i'm glad to be back in arizona.
there are a lot of different people in california.
people i'm not at all use to being around.
i think i'll stick with arizona.
but california is nice for a visit.

i only have to put up with 9 more weeks of school.

and then....



Estee said...

WOWZA. i love these. jeremy loves them more. well kind of.

love you bye.

Mallory Fraughton said...

oh my peri!! those are so stinkin cute! you wuld love to come with us during fall break when my mom does her photo shoots.......miss you! see you in an hour!!!

Laura said...

I love your travel journal! I love how retro these are, Peri. Love them to death!!... and then to life again.

Randi Dandi said...

these pictures are soooo cute! looks like you had fun!!!