Friday, May 21, 2010

3 beauties.

these 3 l0vely ladys are w0nderful.
they make my day everyday.
they tell me what i can d0 better...
and help me thr0ugh pr0blems.
they stick up f0r me.
they s0metimes make me angry.
they basically rock.
and best 0f all i get t0 be with them f0rever because.
these 3 lovely, w0nderful ladys are,
part 0f my family.
Chl0. ST. and M0m.
man they're great.
chl0e's birthday is c0ming up.
st is 0ff s0mewhere d0ing g00d t0 0thers.
my m0m. well she is pr0bably d0ing s0mething pr0ductive.
i l0ve these 3 ladys.
with all my heart and s0ul i d0.

0h. and i made this shirt. :)

{it's an 0wl.}


Sara A. said...

I love that shirt.. and well you!

Mallory Fraughton said...

love your shirt. turned out WAY better than mine!
good post.
miss you alot right now...

Taylor Lynn ❤ said...

i love you pear! you are adorable :)

Laura said...

Yay for lovely ladies! Those three plus you are very lovely - and your tshirt? Love it!

Lexie. said...

That shirt is so adorable!!! You should do a tutorial.

Megan Marie said...

um. i want to steal that shirt. you're rad.

Estee said...

peri! i want one. will you make me one??? and then i'll tell everyone at BYU where i got it.
you'll be HUGE!

i love you.
thank you.

N. Puga said...

so you're going to teach me how to be cute & crafty soon kay?