Tuesday, May 18, 2010

7 more days.

sch00l is s0-00 cl0se t0 c0ming t0 and end.
this makes me very happy.
s0-0000 happy that i c0uld jump f0r j0y.
s0 many review packets and n0t a l0t 0f time.
my teachers are getting impatient with the excited kids,
and the kids are getting impatient with the teachers.
i have c0mpletely l0st my drive.
i just want it t0 be 0ver.
w0rst tw0 years 0f my educati0nal career.
it's that awkward transiti0n with friends.
s0me pe0ple y0u have kn0wn f0r a l0ng time...
turn bad... and it's a wierd thing to get used t0.
g00d thing it's alm0st 0ver.
then i'll be mixed with the 0lder kids.


Taylor Lynn ❤ said...

perii.... i love you. and i had an absolute blast with you this year. you are amazing!
-tay ♥

Mallory Fraughton said...

Peri, I hope we can be friends forever. I love being with you all the time! highschool is almost here!