Wednesday, October 27, 2010

da count.

Happy almost Halloween!

so close to it!

this guy {da count} stands outside our house. when chlo got home from school we decided to have a photo shoot.

i love having someone to shoot. {ha ha suppose to be funny}

i absolutely positively love autumn. i would not want to live in Utah where they got snow today.

me= not a snow girl.

and that's all.

happy haunting.


Laura said...

Haha! Happy Haunting to you too! I think you should join in with Silly Girls Photography - we do a fun, themed photoshoot every month and then we all upload the pictures on the same day to see what everyone did. You and your girls would lurv it!

Silly Girls Photography on Facebook. We upload to the Silly Girls United page.

Katie said...

That's fun! Yes, I love autumn. It is so pretty and wonderfully COOL outside!