Wednesday, October 20, 2010

i need a time machine so that i can do it again.

i wish that it was still fall break. really though, school is school.
and fall break is well... really fun!
all i did was hang out with friends and get stuff done.
so what if i spent too much time on fb.
it wasss break.

now back to the real world:
  • not going to hang out with Tay at ten in the morning
  • waking up at 6:15
  • not being able to recklessly spend your money the whole day through
  • coming home and remembering that there is hw to be done
  • having to study for spanish tests
  • not being able to just go lay down a take a nice nap
  • sitting in a chair for close to 6 hours
  • and really just being bored

i need something to spice up my life...

and i need it fast.

until then, i'll take my silly friends and my crazy family and make the best out of school life.

p.s: it feels so wonderful outside, but the leaves are still green.


Mallory Fraughton said...

ya. i miss break too girl. and you! i havent like seen you in waaaayy too long. but this week i'm in class everyday.....kay?

Laura said...

My last break was 2 weeks for summer. Boooo! I need a break like THIS!