Monday, January 10, 2011

my life should be private.

i'm going private.
maybe just for a little while but the pictures of me, my friends, and the fam all over google kinda give me the creeps.

leave a comment with your email if you still wanna be apart of my life.
i would love to bring all of my followers with me.
*remember this may only be temporary.*


N. Puga said...

i've been thinking about this too.
and since i have a stat counter, i get extra creeped out.


Amy said...

dear peri,
it is i, tatum. and i agree about the private thing.
dont think of me as a blog-stalker
{even tho i am, kinda}
but my email is:
yep. thats all.

~Kylee Rae said...

I loveee your blog.
And youu <3

t.o.m. said...

dear peri,
it is i, tatum. i would love to be considered a reader of this fantastic blog you call your own. {please do not think of me as a blog-stalker...even thought i may be} well, thats all.
love you,

Holly Bierly Young said...

dear peri,

I love your blog because, as a teacher, you and your pals show me that there REALLY are girls out there who know how to carry themselves like LADIES and who love God and love to have fuuuun. You and your blog give me hope. :)

Plus, you and chloe are adorable and the banana costume made my day. :)

Sorry if that comes off as stalker-ish, but like I said I'm a teacher. My father in-law is a pastor, and my husband and I teach a Sunday School class. We are hopefully some of the least creepy people you could ever encounter. Odd? Yes. But not creepy. Ha.

kara jayne said...



Juliette <3 said...

i am beyond embarresed to tell you my e-mail. here it goes.... :) lub you pear!

m.estelle said...

me too me too!

Mallory Fraughton said...

i would like to keep stalkin'.

but you already knew that. ;)

Kendallevans7 said...

I would love to keep looking at your blog <3

Thanks! :)

Megan Marie said...


Randa Ginelle said...

I am lovin' your blog so.. (:

Lexie. said...


Anonymous said...

your sister estee is my bff.

nice to meet you.

Haeley Johnson said...

So I agree with Juliette my email needs to be changed bad... I love your blog and you!

deveney said...

so you totally don't know me, but i stumbled upon yoru blog a while back through my friend megs and now love to read about your fun life. you are such a positive example for girls these days. i swear i am not creepy and totally normal-my blog is if you want proof of my stay-at-home mom in san diego life. and my email is:
is it weird that a stay at home mom likes to read your blog?? kinda, but hope you don't mind!

❤maddy❤ said... <3

Mallory Fraughton said...

hey girl......update please :)