Thursday, February 3, 2011

my first attempt with moms cannon rebel+ 4 year old film.

obviously they're not the best quality.
especially after putting them through the scanner...
but it was my first try.

the lady at walgreens told me they were really dark?
if anything they turned out a weee tad super bright.
i like it though.
i'm feelin the retroness.
and the dogs dramatic posses.

my life has been invading my blogging time.
[or i may just be getting really lazy]

and i just looked at my email and at 7:54 am now realizing that the 3 pg rough draft i just wrote is suppose to be typed for tomorrow.

anyway. the private thing is still on.
but i'm still slow peri.

off to homework land.


Mallory Fraughton said...

Dear Slow Peri,
im very glad you updated. it was time! ha. anyways, im dyin over film, especially your fantastic pics here. its motivating me to want to find film for my canonet. your pics are fab girl.

m.estelle said...

oooo peri, these are so so good!


jessie dryden said...

really cool pictures
peri i love your style :)